Personalised coaching for teenagers, parents, and families seeking to improve their quality of life....


for youth and parents.

Is your teenager...


► Just floundering through life with no drive or direction for their future?


► Unmotivated to do anything other than online gaming, youtube, and other online activities?


► Struggling at school with study, bullies, or peer pressure?


►  Not able to make good quality friends who value them as they should?


►  Poor emotional intelligence sending them off the rails for seemingly small things?


►  Interpersonal relationships failing due to poor  communication and conflict resolution skills?


►  Lacking valuable life skills such as resilience, self-control, respect for self and others, and motivation?


► Getting into trouble due to poor moral compass and values to guide their decsion making process?


►  Need an unbiased role model in their life to offer effective guidance and advice?


► At risk of mental health issues, being in trouble with the authorities, or just going off the rails?

How we aim to help you...

  • Personalised coaching programs designed to enhance essential life skills for healthy youth development. 
  • We coach youth and / or parents
  • Flexible 1 hr ⇒ 1 day + Multiple sessions.
  • Evidence based frameworks such as cognitive behaviour approaches, the solution-focused approach, person centred tradition, and positive psychology. 
  • We come to you (Brisbane based), or we can use a neutral location such as local park or library (city botanical gardens is favourite), or via online using ZOOM meeting.
  • 100% confidential 

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