Current Services

Currently I am only able to provide coaching services to parents and youth. In the future once I have completed all studies I hope to be able to offer counselling services also.

Coaching sessions can be done face-to-face depending on location, or they can be done via phone, Skype, Messenger, or Zoom.

Future plans

I am currently in the process of setting up weekly webinars via a subscription payment. These will be hourly sessions filled with tips and tricks that parents and youth can use to get more of what they want out of life.

Parent and child weekend outdoor retreats. These will be facilitated by myself and other trusted veterans who can assist in the coaching and mentoring of both parents and youth. The purpose of those weekends will be to work on building closer connections and develop personal and interpersonal skills.

For further updates on anything above please be sure to follow me on social media, you can find all the links to the various social media platforms on the social media page.

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