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Resilience is about having the mental capacity to bounce back from failures, setbacks, obstacles, and challenges in our lives. Many people confuse resilience with GRIT, which is having the motivational drive to keep pushing through on a task until it’s completion and is often linked to self-control (Angela Duckworth).

Part of the problem is that many kids, teens, and adults have been raised to believe that in order to be ‘equal and fair’ nobody fails and everyone wins a prize – and that is simply not true.  The reality is the world is not fair or equal, we are all playing a different game at different levels, people fail all the time, not everyone wins a prize – AND THAT IS OK.

We aim to start the education process and teach them that failure, obstacles, challenges, and setbacks are a perfectly normal part of life. We set challenges and tasks for the participants so that they will fail (in a gentle way) – we then observe how they react to the failure and guide them along a better path. A better path includes management of their emotions, looking for the learning points in the failure, putting the failure into perspective, and then using what they have learnt in order to do things different and repeat the process until they find some degree of success.

And finally when they do succeed we don’t just recognise the success – we must also recognise and celebrate the hard work, resilience, grit, and self-control that was responsible for their success. “WOW – I am really impressed with how you kept working through all the setbacks and challenges required to get that great result”. 

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”– Winston Churchill

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