Our FAQ page will continue to grow – if your question is not answered here then please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the cost of investment

We offer numerous camp options, workshops, and coaching. The cost of investment can depend upon a number of individual factors, including (but not necessarily limited to) the type of activity, date, time of booking, etc.

Our team will be happy to work with you to develop a detailed cost of investment based upon your unique needs.

Where are your camps run?

The specifics of camp locations is only released to parents once full payment is received to ensure safety and security of the participants.

Currently we only operate out of Brisbane and we are seeking expressions of interest for Sydney and Melbourne based camps.

We do provide an unaccompanied minor pick up and drop off from the Brisbane domestic airport as required for interstate participants.

Are you a military style boot camp?

No. We are not a military style boot camp.

Our programs are not run like military style boot camps – studies done by the Australian Government suggests that approach is unlikely to produce effective long term results, and in some cases may do more harm than good. Our focus is to provide a product that is:

  • more specific to the needs of each participant with lower staff/participant ratios;
  • is more therapeutic and collaborative in its approach;
  • using adventure to build rapport and open the mind to new possibilities;
  • but at the same time has a self-discipline and respect based ethos found in military style training.
How often do you run your camps?

We run the majority of our camps during the school holidays, with some larger expedition style camps at other times throughout the year. At the moment we are primarily Brisbane based but are opening up for expressions of interest from Sydney and Melbourne.