“By helping the youth of today,

we can change the world”


My name is James and I served for over 13 years in the Royal Australian Army – mostly in the Signals Corps. At the time of my discharge in 2011 I was at the rank of Sergeant. I was also Combat Fitness Leader (CFL), Unit Adventure Training Leader (UATL), and deployed on operational tasks to East Timor, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I am married to an ex-serving member who medically discharged after 13 years. And finally I am the son of a Vietnam Veteran who lived a life which I believe was plagued with un-diagnosed PTSD and comorbid substance abuse disorder (alcohol and cigarettes) which eventually killed him at the young age of 57.


Currently I am in the final stages of completing my Bachelor Degree in Counselling and Coaching (3 subjects left as of Sept 2018) and can provide coaching services to those who are looking to improve their quality of life; I cannot provide counselling at this stage. I am happy to work with people who are diagnosed with conditions such as PTSD and depression with the understanding that I am not working with the condition itself. My goal as a coach is to collaborate with you to help move you forward in life by setting goals which add value to your life, creating action pathways to get you there, and being an accountability partner to keep you on track.