“By helping the youth of today, we can change the world”

Everyone wants to change the world, make an impact on the world, leave a legacy…

Imagine if by just helping one youth we created the next world leader, the next Martin Luther King, the next Einstein, the next Nelson Mandela. Every time we help one youth find their way in the world we are not only helping them – we are helping their family, friends, society around them, and anyone who is influenced or impacted by them now and into the future – including future generations. Now that is what I call “changing the world”…


A Youth Development Coaching we are a bunch of ex-military people doing our best to help youth and who knows – maybe we can help change the world.

Our programs are not run like military style boot camps – although we do have a strong focus on self-discipline, respect, values, and self-awareness.

Studies done by the Australian Government on a number of pilot programs suggests that the military boot camp approach is unlikely to produce effective long term results. And based on our experience working in those style of camps we agree with the findings.

Therefore our focus is to provide an opportunity that is different in the following key aspects:

  • Improved staff/participant ratios (1:4 max) which allows more one on one mentoring time and allows us to ensure our instructors a better vetted to ensure a much higher quality of service.
  • We provide a more therapeutic and collaborative approach.
  • We use evidence based approaches such as motivational interviewing to encourage change.
  • Our programs are structured to ensure instructors are not working 18 hour days for 10 days as we experienced on some of the military style boot camps.
  • There is a strong focus on risk management to ensure safety both physically and mentally for your child.
  • Our challenging adventure activities are used to build rapport and open the mind to new possibilities.
  • We encourage a strong self-discipline and respect based ethos found in military style training but do so by showing them the benefits of the new behaviour rather than forcing them to comply out of fear of negative consequences.
  • We have a very strong commitment to following up with participants and to continuously develop our program based on new research, our own feedback process, and by being open to changing things if new methods are found to work better.
  • We offer you absolutely ZERO false promises to get you on board – we do not guarantee change – nobody can ‘force’ another person to change and we cannot undo the past decade of influence in just a week – and anyone who says they can are lying to you. What we can promise is that we will do our absolute best to create the best environment for change with new perspectives on life, new ideas on approaching situations in life, reasons for behavioural change, and continue to work together from there.