90 Day Parenting Support Package


How are YOU coping with it all?


Parenting can sometimes feel like a lonely thankless job as things crumble around us and nothing goes to plan.


Sometimes it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and the daily grind is never going to end.


All we want is for our kids to be successful in life and give them a good start but they just don't seem to get it.


Our kids seem to think we are the one who is ruining their life and making everything hard for them. 

How can we help?


Our 90 parenting support package is designed to do two key things:


♦ Help improve the quality of life for parents and the rest of the family. 


♦ To assist parents with the goal of creating happy healthy kids.

Evidence has shown:

  • Parenting can contribute to large amounts of unhealthy stress. With 73 percent of parents reporting family responsibilities as a significant source of stress. [See source]
  • Stress can have significant impact on the quality of our life and put our helath at serious risk. [See Source]
  • Many parents feel alone and don't have the required support. [See Source]
  • Stressed parents can have a negative impact on their children which becomes more evident during times of family breakdown. [See Source]
  • Evidence based coaching is an effective way to help improves someones life. [See Source]
  • Coaching can help parents to flourish.
  • Peer mentoring and collaboration groups can have significant positive impacts on our life.
  • Coaching is becoming more accepted as internationally recognised frameworks of accreditation are being developed and supporting evidence grows. [See Source]

What is included in the program?

  • 13 x one hour 1:1 coaching sessions over a 90 day period. One each week. Can be done face-2-face if in Brisbane otherwise online via Zoom. 
  • Weekly online collaboration group via Zoom so parents can share their stories and learn from each other. Facilitated by a coach to ensure maximum value. 
  • (Optional) weekend parent/child camp to help improve connection between parent and child.
  • Private Facebook support group to share stories, seek further support, ask questions. Monitored by myself to ensure compliance and quality. 

Everyone's needs are unique therefore please enter your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss a quote that will suit your needs and budget. All details are 100% confidential. 

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