No matter if you are a parent or a teenager getting through the major development years can be tough if we don't have good social support. There are hormones going crazy, external influences, school demands, peer group challenges, desire for independence, and everyday things which all add to the stress levels. 


As parents we were never given a guide book on this parenting gig and we just have to do what we can and hope for the best. No matter what we do it never appears to be good enough. Often we feel isolated, lost, and it feels like a never ending battle with no light at the end. And on top of it all there is the added stress of going to work to earn an income so that we can provide for the family.

Coaching can help a parent to peel back some of life's layers, gain a new perspective on things, create some new goals along with daily action steps to start gaining back some control, and finally we become your cheer leader and accountability partner to keep you on track. 



They often just do not want to turn to mum and dad for help. I know it sounds crazy but they have been under their parents wings for more than a decade and now they want to be seen as independent people who are in control of their own lives.

Coaching can help a teenager as we are not seen as that parental figure who has been controlling their lives for so long and therefore we can often swoop in under the mum and dad radar to offer some desperately needed guidance and support. 


For a confidential, obligation free, quick getting to know you call.

NO high pressure sales tactics.



For a confidential, obligation free,
quick getting to know you call.

NO high pressure sales tactics.