Six tips for surviving the teenager years

Six tips for surviving the teenager years #Note: Everything I write is subjective to my experience - there are always exceptions to every rule and social norm. Where it is evidence based I will add a reference, or supported by the opinions of others I will add a link.  I hear it almost every day from parents, "Who took my little angel child and left me with this evil teenager?". Here are a few...
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Ten Life strategies for teenagers

10 Strategies For Life
Ten Life strategies for teenagers These are a very brief overview of the Ten Life Strategies we go into during our workshops and camps. At those events we work through each strategy with the participants so they can do a deep dive on their own life and see where they might be able to make some improvements. YOU EITHER GET IT, OR YOU DON’T Systems are at play – either you work out how to make ...
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Brief Behavioural Coaching for teenager anxiety

Teenager Anxiety
Brief Behavioural Coaching for teenager anxiety We often have teenagers at our camps who present with anxiety conditions to various activities. It is suggested that 25% of 13-18yr olds have some kind of anxiety disorder. Therefore it is only natural that we will at some stage have to manage instances arising out of these conditions. It is commonly asked by parents how we deal with teens who pre...
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Six reasons why you should send your teenager on a school holiday camp

School Holiday Camp
Many people ask us why we believe sending their teenager on a school holiday camp is a good thing. Here are our tip six reasons: 1. Parents at work, teens at home - alone.  Whilst we may not like it parents do have to go to work and therefore teenagers are left at home alone. This is not always a bad thing, not all teenagers will go wild and roam the streets in search of trouble, but it does...
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What is coaching?

Personalised Coaching
So many people ask me - what is coaching and how does it differ from the other modalities such as mentoring, counselling, teaching, and consulting? The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as: "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." In coaching we do not take on the...
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